James was born on FEB. 15, 1834
in Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland.

While there is many sources of information pointing to the year of James' birth, (1828,1834,1835,1841), it is now believed that his real date of birth is FEB. 15, 1834. This is according to his 1856 Marriage Certificate in England and the 1861 census in Scotland.

ball FEB. 15, 1834
ball Marriage Date: July 20, 1856 - London, Middlesex, England
Marriage Certificate in England {JPG 434 kb}
ball Groom: James S McLaren
ball Born: Age: 22 [abt 1834]
ball Rank or Profession: Type Founder
ball Groom's Father: Daniel McLaren
ball Occupation: Shoemaker

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    1861 Scotland Census - 7 April 1861Scotland > Midlothian > Edinburgh New North
    27 St. Leonards Hill, Newington, Edinburgh, Midlothian
    Line Name Relationship Age Est. Birth Year Occupation Where born
    6 James McLaren Head 27 abt 1834 Type Founder - Carter Edinburgh, Midlothian
    7 Mini Wife 26 abt 1835   England
    8 James Son 3 abt 1858   England
    9 David Son 11 mo abt 1860   Edinburgh, Midlothian
    Enumerated 7th day of April, 1861
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    Occupations in Scotland {Link}
    Type-founder = Printer who set out individual letters on printing blocks
    Carter = Worked with horse and cart on farms or in towns
ball Line # 6
ball Address: 27 St. Leonards Hill, Newington, Edinburgh, Scotland
ball Head of House: James McLaren
ball Age: 27 [1834]
ball Rank or Profession: Type Founder - Carter
ball Place of Birth: Edinburgh, Midlothian

ball FEB. 15, 1828
ball Line # 42
ball Address: 256 Fifth South St, Salt Lake City, UT
ball Name: MacLaren James
ball Relation: Head
ball Personal Description
ball Date of Birth
ball Month: Feb
ball Year: 1828
ball Age at last birthdate: 72
ball Nativity: Place of Birth for following:
ball This person: New York
ball Father: Scotland
ball Mother: Scotland

ball FEB. 15, 1835
ball Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints. Salt Lake City 14th Ward, (Utah). Records of members, 1856-1909.
Family History Library Call #0026695 {JPG 5 kb}
ball Line # 402
ball Name: James McLaren
ball Birth: 15 Feb 1835
ball Place: Edinburgh, SCOTLAND
ball Father: Daniel McLaren
ball Mother: Ellen Oller ( Some might say "OLTER" {JPG 8 kb} )
ball Baptism: 5 Aug. 1879 - By: William McLauchlin
ball Confirmed: 10 Aug. 1879 - By: Thomas Taylor

ball FEB. 15, 1841
ball Date: 10/13/1902 - Deseret Evening News - Monday, October 13, 1902, Page 1
{ { { { Deseret News Article } } } }
ball Name: James Storemond McLaren
ball Place: Scotland
ball Religion: He became a member of the "Mormon" Church in early life.
ball Family: { { { { Deseret News Article } } } }
(Family was among the most respected in Scotland,
Closely related to Sir Colon Cambell,
Orphaned early in life.)