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James Storemond Mclaren was born in Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland in 1834. He died in Salt Lake City Utah in 1902. Stories say he was part of the 'Charge of the Light Brigade' where he lost a leg. James would rarely talk about his past when he was living, but when he did, he probably exaggerated the facts just a little. We feel however, that for the most part, there is a basis for truth in all that has been passed down through the years.
In our search of Family History, we have been stuck for over 40 years on "James Storemond Mclaren". It is our intentions, as the descendants of James, to compile all the available information into a single location. We seek not only his ancestors, but his descendants as well. If you have any stories, photos or other information that could help us in our search for knowledge, we would appreciate it very much if you would share.
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