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James traveled to the United States w/his brother
ballFact or Fiction ?
James Storemond McLaren claimed to be related to Sir Colin Campbell.
Sir Colin Campbell commanded the 93rd Highlanders, now The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, during the Crimean War. This is unit famous for the `thin red line` and the only infantry regiment possessing the battle honour `Balaclava`. At that time, a leader of a regiment (or other unit) would call on all his relatives to support him during his command. If James McLaren truly was a relative of Sir Colin, it would stand to reason that during the Crimean war he served under Sir Colin. This needs some verification from the British War Department if it is possible. It must be remembered that McLaren sold his pension, so his name may not be included with other members of the regiment.
Colin Campbell's father was John Macliver and his mother was Agnes Campbell of Islay (her chief ancestors were the Earls of Cawdor.) They had four children, Colin being the oldest. He was born in 1792 at Glasgow, Lannark, Scotland. His paternal grandfather was the Laird of Ardnave on the Island of Islay.
John Macliver took on his wife's name so that politically he would have more power. The Campbells were a famous fighting clan, and the Maclivers were relatively unknown. Historians generally agree that the 93rd Regiment was probably the only group that acquitted themselves respectably during the Crimean War. The Charge was ill-conceived and those who commanded it conducted the Charge against all the known rules of warfare. James McLaren claimed to have been in the Charge of the Light Brigade. However, following the above premise, he was probably not in the actual charge, but was protecting the plains below the valley. It is known that Florence Nightingale tended the wounded of those who were actually in the Charge, but the 93rd regiment as well. No record was kept of her tending to any other group during that war.
Although, we have no records providing a direct link between these two men. It is interesting to note that on 15 Feb 1793 a Daniel MacLaren married Ann Campbell in the old Kirk Parish. (FHL English Books # 94lb4sr) {JPG 306 kb}
ballFact or Fiction ?
James possibly lived in Ohio w/his first wife
Storemond is not a given name.
Storemond is a rarely used word from Scotland. It originated in Perthshire. Sir David Murray, chiefly on account of his zeal in carrying out the ecclesiastical policy of the king, was raised to the dignity of Viscount Stormont. He died 27 Aug 1631, and was buried at Scone. It was said that "he was an ignorant man, yet he was bold, and got great business effectuated." It also had the meaning of "The tenant of a sheep farm in Scotland literally meaning 'Storemaster'." Which came first is unknown to me - or even if they have related meanings is also unknown.